Climate change & Piedmont – Tortona 2024 (part I)

Climate change conferences are not rare lately but I try to visit (or follow online) as many as I can. First of all there’s always new information, research and studied aspects of the phenomena, second – they are a good platform to exchange experiences and get updates on institutional advancements. Most of these conferences have…

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Luca Currado

Bye-bye, Vietti!

First time I met Luca Currado back in 2006 – I was visiting Langhe with a big group of sommeliers, we had a huge tasting at his winery, then we went to a restaurant for dinner. Everything was so intense that I didn’t make it out in which village we were (I was new to…

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June in Wine (wine events in & with Piedmont and around)

After a very intensive wine-May, the wine-June that kicked off today also promises a whole lot of wine events, usually happening the same day(s) so one would have difficulty to choose which one to opt for. Let’s start: 02-05/06 Eight nuances of Barolo, Enoteca regionale del Barolo, Barolo (CN) The Enoteca Regionale celebrates 40 years…

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