Barbaresco 2020 (14/04/2023)

(this article was initially written for the Barbaresco & Barolo group in Facebook, but became too big while I was writing it, so I had to publish it here) Tasting of the day: for the first time in history a wine critic that comes to our lands to taste the newly released vintages decides not…

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ChiantiLovers 2023

Chianti Lovers & Rosso Morellino 2023 (Anteprime Toscane)

First day of Anteprime Toscane 2023. I need to write a preface. First of all, I need to write a piece about myself, who am I, where I come from and why I pretend to know so many things about wine (obviously one can never know everything, me included). I actually wrote it on Feb.…

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Chianti Lovers & Rosso Morellino

Chianti Lovers & Rosso Morellino 2022 (Anteprime Toscane)

First day of Anteprime Toscane 2022. CHIANTI DOCG Chianti is a larger area surrounding the Chianti Classico (not to be confused!). The name first appeared in the XIX century, the first delimitation of the area dates from 1932, its set of production rules (disciplinare) was first approved in 1967. Chianti obtained the top classification of…

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Anteprime toscane 2022 (program)

The Anteprime toscane of this year start on March 20th. They’ve been postponed for one month due to a new pandemics peak in Italy that happened in the beginning of 2022. This year the program is slightly different as the Consortium of Brunello di Montalcino decided to make their own anteprima which took place in…

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Grandi Langhe 2022 (program)

After a two year break the main wine trade event of Piedmont is back! The 6th edition of Grandi Langhe, postponed from January as many other events due at the beginning of the year, moves from Alba to Turin and has a new (more spacious) venue – OGR. A total of 267 wineries will be…

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